Christian Federation of Police Officers - Police Athletic League (CFPO-PAL)

The mission of the CFPO-PAL is to prevent juvenile crime and violence by providing a safe environment for civic, athletic, recreational and educational opportunities for youth overseen by Police Officers.

As the First Organization on the Village Campus, the CFPO-PAL program, with thousands of children and their families participating, has already made one of the goals of the Campus possible: there is no stigma in coming to the Village Campus for the clients of the Village. From the "Volunteer University" to attending a sporting event for a grandchild or playing sports, there are a number of reasons someone might visit the Village.

CFPO-PAL is now on-site, thanks in large part to park bond funds awarded by the Hays County and Park Bond Advisory Committee. In addition to the four fields, there is concessions, a field house and a playground. Numerous activities make the CFPO-PAL Youth Sports Complex at the Village of San Marcos a very positive asset to the community.